Frozen: Lessons Learned

What Frozen taught me:

1. True Love
True Love is not limited to romantic love.. True Love is simply that. Loving someone whole heartedly and unconditionally – may it be your love for your special partner, mother or father; In Anna’s case, it was her love toward her sister Elsa.

2. Let it go
Accept who you are, baggages and all, and move on for the better. You can not please everyone, but the important thing is to be true to yourself and keep moving forward. Let go of the past, the hurt, the inhibitions… Face the world as a stronger, more confident, wiser, and true YOU. Just like Elsa, she overcame her fears, accepted her true self, and blossomed as she filled the fear and hurt with love. Let your star shine as brightly as the sun!

3. Some people are worth melting for
Know and value the people most dear and important to you.. Ensure that you spend quality time with people who matter most and who love you, rather than wasting time and effort on people not worthy of you. Take a look at Olaf, even though he’s slowly melting as he tried to help Anna get better, he stood by her because Anna is someone worth melting for.

4. I’m a happy snowman in summer
Dream big.. Don’t limit yourself to what others say and expect of you. Just like Olaf, he did not let being a snowman stop him from dreaming of experiencing the wonders of summer. In the end, he was able to do so 🙂

5. Do you want to build a snowman?
Don’t shut the door but rather let the sunshine of life in. You’ll be surprised by the wonderful things that life has to offer. Open up to possibilities, people, and yourself. There is so much joy out there that can make you and your life better and happier. Wonderful things are sure to happen, just like what happened to Elsa when she opened up – she was able to grow and experience the joys of life. Anna also opened up her eyes and learned more about life, love, and herself.

6. For the first time in forever
Don’t let fear take the best of you and stop you from trying new things or pursuing your dreams.. Go out, reach for the stars, and just do it! And when you do, for the first time in forever, you’ll realize there’s so much more that life has to offer. All you have to do is take that first step. 😉

These are my key take-aways. How about you dear reader, do you think you’re frozen or are you enjoying the summer?



Dating Age Rule: For Guys

A lot of guys ask: Is dating a girl this much younger than me still okay?

The answer is YES. As long as you do not go younger than the formula’s result:
(My Age / 2) + 7 = still okay to date a girl this much younger than me 🙂

For example: (24/2) + 7 = 19
A 24 year old guy can still date a girl as young as 19 years of age. Of course, he can go for someone older than 19 too 😉

So dear reader, do you think the age gap is acceptable?


Moving Forward

no need to rush,
things will fall into place..
have the will,
perseverance, and patience..
take it a step at a time.

pace yourself –
your dreams, your wants..
think positively,
do all the best you can!
hold your head high.

whether you succeed,
or whether you fail;
don’t give up,
just have faith…
end each trial with a smile.

brush it all off,
when push comes to shove;
pick up yourself,
and proudly stand up.
it’s okay to let out a sigh

take a step,
one foot in front of the other;
slowly but surely,
you are getting there!
days will be bright..


Burger Bar

Cravin’ for burgers? Come on by to Burger Bar at Greenbelt 2, Makati City Philippines. They have different burger types – from the plain good ol’ burger to the gourmet style burger – cooked and served just the way you want it, with skinny fries and drink to match!

If you’re a plain jane like me, Burger No.3 is your best bet. But if you want double patty and cheese, then go for the Cheese Burger. (Both Burgers seen in the photo below)

Try the specialty burgers as well, such as the Hangover burger, the Bleu, the Piggy.. And if you want to make your own burger, then choose the You’re the Boss.

Burger Bar is not limited to their quarter-pounder burgers. They also have pasta, rice meals, appetizers, milkshakes and desserts.

An absolute must try are the nachos and the dessert in a jar.

They have the best Tex-Mex Nachos loaded with cheese, ground beef, salsa, beans, avocado, and its oh-so-yummy sauce. A single serving is good for 4 people.

The caramel vanilla bread pudding in a jar and the molten chocolate bottoms in a jar desserts are heaven-in-your-mouth!

So dear readers, #WhatsYourBeef?


Clean up the closet

It’s the new year, time to start fresh.. start new.

Going through my pile of things i discovered that i have stuff out-grown, a few i rarely used, and there are some i love so much that even if it’s stained and worn-out, i still have them. So, what do i do? I clean up the closet.

Remove stuff
Pack up out-loved good condition rarely/unused clothes and out-grown items – I can donate or give them away for others’ benefit. Like they say, a person’s trash may be someone else’s treasure 😉

Change it up
Let go of my old style and try out a new look. I’ve been wanting to try something more modern, in the now.. or something complimenting my age or career.. or something that will boost up my confidence and motivate me to reach my goals. Whatever the reason, it is time to get out of my shell and change it up to bring out a better and glowing me!

In another perspective, the closet is just like life. There’s a moment to empty out my chest filled with out-grown grudges, forgotten sadness, and hidden hurt.. Besides, all that closet space gives me plenty more reasons to shop and to fill it up with new and better things that life has to offer 😉

How about you, dear reader, what does your closet look like? Do you think it’s time to clean up your closet?


i without you

without you, life is good as death.
without you, the world could just stop and end.
without you, my heart is hollow.. empty..
drowning in the dark abyss.

without you, happiness is naught.
without you, all hope is gone.
without you, forever means nothing;
in my life, you are my everything.

without you, all reason lost meaning.
without you, a part of me is missing.
without you, I am incomplete;
ceaselessly searching..

without you, I am astray.
without you, I’m in dismay.
without you, there is no “US” or “We” —
there is no you.. and there is no me.


Savin’ up

It starts with “This is my year!..” followed by “.. I will save up for [enter travel plans or item plans or any plan here]”.

Saving for this and that just does not come easy for everybody. So, here is a simple formula to help you save up and reach that goal without sacrificing personal wants:

Personal Use = A – B
Savings = sum of B every after payroll

A = Earnings – Responsibilities
B = 10% of (Earnings – Responsibilities)
Responsibilities = bills, rent, and the like

As long as you only utilize the personal use amount without touching any of your savings, there’s no way you cant get your this and that.

Enjoy saving up and let me know how it goes! 😉