Clean up the closet

It’s the new year, time to start fresh.. start new.

Going through my pile of things i discovered that i have stuff out-grown, a few i rarely used, and there are some i love so much that even if it’s stained and worn-out, i still have them. So, what do i do? I clean up the closet.

Remove stuff
Pack up out-loved good condition rarely/unused clothes and out-grown items – I can donate or give them away for others’ benefit. Like they say, a person’s trash may be someone else’s treasure 😉

Change it up
Let go of my old style and try out a new look. I’ve been wanting to try something more modern, in the now.. or something complimenting my age or career.. or something that will boost up my confidence and motivate me to reach my goals. Whatever the reason, it is time to get out of my shell and change it up to bring out a better and glowing me!

In another perspective, the closet is just like life. There’s a moment to empty out my chest filled with out-grown grudges, forgotten sadness, and hidden hurt.. Besides, all that closet space gives me plenty more reasons to shop and to fill it up with new and better things that life has to offer 😉

How about you, dear reader, what does your closet look like? Do you think it’s time to clean up your closet?



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